Monthly Archives: September 2011

feeling Hopeless


I feel like I cannot make my dream come true for me.  I’ve already tried everything. I wish I was back where I was before I’d tried everything, maybe I’d think of doing something new for my situation.  I guess I just must be happy with the ethereal changes that I have made to my own life. Ten years ago I was not doing anything of value for myself; not keeping a journal, not learning about food and keeping a food journal, not creating any art, not reading much, and I hadn’t discovered the fun of paper crafts.  All that is saying much for my ethereal life.


a Limit


There turns out to be a limit to the projects that I can do without wasting money because I have bought two punches that have simply been broken and an ink pad that now is dry.  The ink pads are disposable per project unless there is a re-inker. But the punches are too expensive to keep buying. I’ll have to wait until I live somewhere else to use the decorative punches.  I still wonder, what does Michael’s put out on its crop nights for ten dollars?

A Caesar Salad


I was going to eat up the street at Gregoire’s but I couldn’t decide on a lunch entrée. I decided that it would be better to go there for a dinner entrée, or at lunch and take it home for dinner. So, I went back down the hill and ate a really wonderful Caesar salad at Crepe Vine. I would recommend having it for any meal. Then I did my shopping at Andronico’s and walked home.

New Tags


I bought some gorge 7 Gypsies paper from and I had picked up a brochure from Peet’s. I decided to turn the brochure into a new set of tags.  So, I’ve cut the brochure into tags and glued on the designer paper. I’m going to gesso and sand the writing side, but maybe I’ll leave some showing the Peet’s information. I’m going to use ribbons and make a stamped spot to journal and also leave space for a photo. Maybe I’ll add a photo mat.  When all that is done they will still look unfinished, so I am trying to plan beyond all that. 7 Gypsies uses ephemera that is snippets of Victoriana.  Maybe I can find some.



I am so sad by how slowly everything changes here.  I really got used to parliamentary as a way of life.  But this means that animals’ and children’s lives change so slowly they grow up starving for everything.  Hopefully teachers will be able to speed up change in the future as participants instead of acorns.  Most of the world must wonder what we do for 1-4 years while we wait for another election.  It sure takes patience.