Monthly Archives: October 2011

Today is…


So  today I am going to start on my trip to lose 100 pounds. It has got to be done but if I can do it the way I’ve planned then it will take two years; a pound a week.  To do that I am planning to walk 30 minutes many times a week.  If a month goes by and I am not losing a pound a week then I will have to reconsider what I can do to improve the situation because I have become convinced that it cannot be done by counting calories but by increasing exercise.  Since I have been keeping a food journal for two months I think that this new habit will be just as easy to get used to in two months.


two months


I’ve been keeping a health journal for two months and the process has proven to me that I am doing something right for myself. So, I bet adding exercise to lose one pound a week will not be any more difficult a habit to make. I’ve never added exercise to lose weight before and even though it sounds natural, I’ve always thought you had to do something crazy…eat too little… to lose weight. I feel very fortunate that I think that I have learned something simple. I hope so.

Occupy Peace and Freedom


I see political change that is confusing but visible. Other than two crazy impeachments and war protests that were total failures but great marches, I haven’t ever seen political change in this country.  I wonder at why change here is so different from in Europe but it is becoming more and more visible even if it is not parliamentary or democratic in nature.  I guess I  thought that because that’s all they talk about, Americans would rely on their vote and who they vote  for, democratic change.  They are not.  Personally, I prefer parliamentary procession, but that it not happening here.  What is going to come of political change that is visible? Something will come of it because it is by nature political and not marches.

I love…


I love to collect colorful things and my bookshelf is full now of books and snow globes and photo albums; all the things that I have had fun collecting from nearby shops, mostly Goodwill and the local used bookstores. The photos, I have taken everywhere using my phone cameras. I love having a camera on my phone and I think over time they will be as good as any point and shoot camera you can buy at Radio Shack. That good and that important to have with you always.