Monthly Archives: November 2011

Christmas 2011


I decided to buy myself presents this year and that’s going great so far.  I’ve given myself a book, Food Rules, a new mug from Starbuck’s, some important paint colors from Aaron Bros., and a camera from Radio Shack…I’ve been wanting all of these for a long time.

It’s time that I had a favorite coffee shop to relax in since the Starbuck’s I loved closed so I will choose either the French Hotel or Au Coquelet.  I’ll probably choose Au Coquelet because I can also stay for a great salad… very important to me.

An Idea


Tim Holtz and Tim Coffey have given me an idea for my art journal.  Doodle a sentiment that relates to what I did that day, like Tim Holtz’s blog and then make an art statement that goes along with it like Tim Coffey’s blog.  I’ll try it.  Of course to make it a habit takes more than 30 entries.