Monthly Archives: November 2011

the Mediterranean diet


So what does the Mediterranean diet look like on my plate, it is plant based and obviously uses olive oil instead of delicious English butter. What other foreign cheeses does T.J. have?   The two important questions on my mind tonight.


Christmas 2011


I decided to buy myself presents this year and that’s going great so far.  I’ve given myself a book, Food Rules, a new mug from Starbuck’s, some important paint colors from Aaron Bros., and a camera from Radio Shack…I’ve been wanting all of these for a long time.

It’s time that I had a favorite coffee shop to relax in since the Starbuck’s I loved closed so I will choose either the French Hotel or Au Coquelet.  I’ll probably choose Au Coquelet because I can also stay for a great salad… very important to me.

An Idea


Tim Holtz and Tim Coffey have given me an idea for my art journal.  Doodle a sentiment that relates to what I did that day, like Tim Holtz’s blog and then make an art statement that goes along with it like Tim Coffey’s blog.  I’ll try it.  Of course to make it a habit takes more than 30 entries.