Monthly Archives: December 2011

I’m Smarter


I should hear back from the credit company after the end of January and I hope by then my saving will have improved too.  I’m going to consider how much I save instead of how much I spend.  That’s smarter. I think during 2012 I am going to learn a lot of new recipes and that is exciting. I haven’t done that since I started college and I cooked lots of new things like tofu for the first time.I cannot believe that someone has stolen my Martha Stewart subscription, I didn’t think of that. I’ll try calling and then I have to let it go.  I’ll never understand why we must live like them but I know it has something to do with how their courts work. I wonder how many people knew that their judges could not read here in the State of California and therefore could only hear about half the cases. I wonder if that is why Federal court is everyone’s first choice. This new year I am still in shock over my experience and what it has meant to others like the City Council who know that they cannot be sued in the State court. Of course everyone there already knew it which is why there are rewarding BFHP for not following the law but I didn’t know it so now I can hear things that they do differently every time they ask Mr. Lawyer a question. Most likely only my health will change in 2012 but I have learned that this requires new habits so I am so much smarter than I was.




Yesterday I went to Monterrey Market.  I get so much joy when I go there and I think that is because of the smell.  It is like mushrooms, spinach, and oranges all mixed together but is entirely not describable.  I bought the usual and chose fresh spinach leaves to be my unplanned green vegetable. I also bought organic mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, eggplant, dates, garlic, shallots. They offer everything they sell as an organic and it is possible to go through the store and only buy local food items from California. They had bell peppers from Israel and I could imagine them flying on their own jumbo jet to get here. Because I enjoy the experience so much I plan to go more than once a week. Maybe next time I go I’ll take photos.

So far, so good


I am happy with my New Year’s resolutions.  It will be hard to remember where I can eat healthy food at a restaurant but there are plenty of organic restaurants in Berkeley.  I’ll get used to having a good meal instead of a tragically terrible one.  Also, I ‘ve found out that you can join 24 hour fitness’ all club membership and be able to go to any of their clubs so I can go to the one near my house or on Solano Ave. for a great price per month.  I guess I’ll do that after the New Year has happened.  I think I should wait to buy a fitbit after things have slowed down, if that happens.  Maybe this week I’ll give the donation yoga place a try.  I have decided that joining a church is something I want to do when I am getting married so I will just make donations once a month into the basket.  This last year I learned how to make good decisions for myself but it is hard to stay hopeful.

Starting the New Year Early


Okay so this is it, my 2012 New Years Resolutions.  It took about three weeks to settle on these because the goals had to be completely doable or there would be no point and they had to be the most significant changes that I can make.  Once again I think I have decided on goals that I can keep going through the rest of my life (like the soda and chocolate resolutions).

For my personal goal:  vegetarian on Monday through Friday, this goal allows for very special occasions otherwise there would be no point and I picked the days Sat and Sunday to eat meat just for simplicity.

For my financial goal: to learn to keep an eye on my credit report and try to tidy it when possible.

For my health goal: to only eat out at organic restaurants; these businesses only serve healthy food and sustainably raised meat.

Last night I ate such a terrible meal at a buffet that hadn’t had any business all day that I decided to start my resolutions a week early and see how they go.  What I love about them is that I know I will have a better year just because of them alone.  Great.

My room is redecorated and cleaned, my shopping routine is simplified (Trader Joes and Monterrey Market), I have a list of personal rewards for improved self-esteem, I have gotten started on my credit report, and I am ready for a New Year.  Yeaaaah.

Christmas Eve


Of course I’m upset, I wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t wonder what Darlene is doing and why we aren’t together.  But I have so much to be thankful for also.  I’ve learned so much about food and mostly because of using the site. Before I started all this I didn’t know the dif between tea and coffee and now I’ve read all of Michael Pollans books.  I really cannot get enough of it. But I also have terrible nightmares about living with people that are not humans. I would have been happier living in England and I’m sure I would have had a real marriage.

I have two New Year’s resolutions. One, to eat vegetarian Monday through Friday. Two, do my best to make my credit report what it should be.  Maybe both of these will become lifetime goals, really. I don’t see why not.  See how much I’ve learned since my resolution was no sodas for a year.  Really.

New Year Unclutter


I am working to unclutter my room. At the beginning of this season I completely cleaned my room but now it needs to be decluttered.  The first rule, if I haven’t used it in a year consider getting rid of it completely.  The second rule, don’t worry about how it looks because I approve of using materials that I already have to organize instead of going out and buying new plastic, etc.  The third rule, try to put everything so that I can actually use it and enjoy it.

I started by taking photos all the way around my room and then deciding that it is divided into four uses, bedroom, kitchen, workroom, storage room/closet.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do next.  I think I’ll vacuum.

24 Hours to a Longer Life


It is not fun that someone has made sure that I am always disabled and I never thought having a great mind would lead to such a bad life but I am in control of my daily schedule and as part of my New Year‘s celebration I think that I should keep a better daily schedule to feel better, get everything done, and learn more next year.

What time should I wake up? 8 am sounds good.

Should I exercise before or after breakfast?  Dr. Oz does it ten minutes before breakfast.  I also read all of my email.  What if I wake up and do 20 minutes of meditation followed by ten minutes of stretching while I make my coffee.  Then at 9 am have my email to read and eat breakfast at 9:30 am.  I won’t have all of my email read but I can clean out the box and read important emails and save the rest for later.

10 am shower and then I can write in my journal, or go back and read the rest of my emails. Also, read the daily tao te ching and fit from within. If I journal how this goes for one month in my food journal then I can see how it is actually working for me.