Looking For Good Ideas

  • I got a couple good ideas today that are important to repeat and then follow through on, now.  This weekend I started a journal for plans that aren’t ideas but crafting plans and that also includes photography.  There is always a place to go out and get used to your camera and let the world catch you by surprise and there is also the place for planning ahead an artistic endeavor.  I did this once with my first camera when I took it to the Oakland Museum to take contrast pictures. I also took it out for a day to photograph flowers. I started at the U.C. Botanical Gardens where the flowers were covered with dew.  The thing is to not let myself get too far ahead with plans.  If I haven’t finished to or three, I mustn’t keep making them.  That’s a sign of artistic craziness, expecting to finish too many plans.
  • The second good idea is to have some motivational photos and “things” to help with my mood and at the same time to decorate my room.

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