24 Hours to a Longer Life


It is not fun that someone has made sure that I am always disabled and I never thought having a great mind would lead to such a bad life but I am in control of my daily schedule and as part of my New Year‘s celebration I think that I should keep a better daily schedule to feel better, get everything done, and learn more next year.

What time should I wake up? 8 am sounds good.

Should I exercise before or after breakfast?  Dr. Oz does it ten minutes before breakfast.  I also read all of my email.  What if I wake up and do 20 minutes of meditation followed by ten minutes of stretching while I make my coffee.  Then at 9 am have my email to read and eat breakfast at 9:30 am.  I won’t have all of my email read but I can clean out the box and read important emails and save the rest for later.

10 am shower and then I can write in my journal, or go back and read the rest of my emails. Also, read the daily tao te ching and fit from within. If I journal how this goes for one month in my food journal then I can see how it is actually working for me.


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