Christmas Eve


Of course I’m upset, I wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t wonder what Darlene is doing and why we aren’t together.  But I have so much to be thankful for also.  I’ve learned so much about food and mostly because of using the site. Before I started all this I didn’t know the dif between tea and coffee and now I’ve read all of Michael Pollans books.  I really cannot get enough of it. But I also have terrible nightmares about living with people that are not humans. I would have been happier living in England and I’m sure I would have had a real marriage.

I have two New Year’s resolutions. One, to eat vegetarian Monday through Friday. Two, do my best to make my credit report what it should be.  Maybe both of these will become lifetime goals, really. I don’t see why not.  See how much I’ve learned since my resolution was no sodas for a year.  Really.


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