Starting the New Year Early


Okay so this is it, my 2012 New Years Resolutions.  It took about three weeks to settle on these because the goals had to be completely doable or there would be no point and they had to be the most significant changes that I can make.  Once again I think I have decided on goals that I can keep going through the rest of my life (like the soda and chocolate resolutions).

For my personal goal:  vegetarian on Monday through Friday, this goal allows for very special occasions otherwise there would be no point and I picked the days Sat and Sunday to eat meat just for simplicity.

For my financial goal: to learn to keep an eye on my credit report and try to tidy it when possible.

For my health goal: to only eat out at organic restaurants; these businesses only serve healthy food and sustainably raised meat.

Last night I ate such a terrible meal at a buffet that hadn’t had any business all day that I decided to start my resolutions a week early and see how they go.  What I love about them is that I know I will have a better year just because of them alone.  Great.

My room is redecorated and cleaned, my shopping routine is simplified (Trader Joes and Monterrey Market), I have a list of personal rewards for improved self-esteem, I have gotten started on my credit report, and I am ready for a New Year.  Yeaaaah.


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