I’m Smarter


I should hear back from the credit company after the end of January and I hope by then my saving will have improved too.  I’m going to consider how much I save instead of how much I spend.  That’s smarter. I think during 2012 I am going to learn a lot of new recipes and that is exciting. I haven’t done that since I started college and I cooked lots of new things like tofu for the first time.I cannot believe that someone has stolen my Martha Stewart subscription, I didn’t think of that. I’ll try calling and then I have to let it go.  I’ll never understand why we must live like them but I know it has something to do with how their courts work. I wonder how many people knew that their judges could not read here in the State of California and therefore could only hear about half the cases. I wonder if that is why Federal court is everyone’s first choice. This new year I am still in shock over my experience and what it has meant to others like the City Council who know that they cannot be sued in the State court. Of course everyone there already knew it which is why there are rewarding BFHP for not following the law but I didn’t know it so now I can hear things that they do differently every time they ask Mr. Lawyer a question. Most likely only my health will change in 2012 but I have learned that this requires new habits so I am so much smarter than I was.


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