Monthly Archives: January 2012

Peter Is Visiting


Peter and Brenda are visiting and we had breakfast with Avani and Brooks at Fat Apples.  Peter, Brenda, Mom, and Bill are driving down to Carmel until Tuesday. Then I got a big check back from ATT for overpaying them so I didn’t go over my budget this month.  Life is okay. I really cannot eat less than 1500 calories and I’m not sure I am going to lose weight this way. Oh dear. The point is that I try for three years and see where I am in 2015. I love the idea of trying so hard all month and then celebrating the last day of the month just because I tried.  Yeaah for me.


Thank You


So I’ve been on this journey of keeping a food journal for five months now and I need to add keeping track of calories to ensure that I lose weight but I can also thank myself.  I will keep my food journal everyday of the month except the last. On the last day of the month I will treat myself to one celebration that I was saving for losing 10 pounds and reward myself for the behavior and not the goal. That sounds very fair to me. This weekend I will also write a letter to myself as if I was writing to a friend and express lots of great things that I need to hear to myself.

Zero Waste


When I moved into a hotel room I tried recycling for a while.  I carried everything that I recycled out into the streets and put it into another business’ recycling can.  Then I got so angry at the City and joined in with everyone else in Berkeley who stopped recycling and recently the residents have been putting garbage in the cans.  Well it is time to try to be responsible for myself again and recycle. I do everything else to be green. I don’t drive but use public transportation.  I buy local, sustainable, and in bulk as well as organic.  I eat vegetarian Monday through Friday and only poultry and fish on the weekend. I use my own shopping bags and I shop for reused clothing at the Goodwill store and other places. I buy only what I need and carry something out before I buy something new. I’ll carry my recycling across the street and put it in the fire department’s recycling can.

Every Morning


Every morning I read through all of my interesting email and I have thought that perhaps it was wasting time that I could be using exercising.  But, no that is not true because each morning I am exercising my mind when I read my email.  Basically if I was going to cut back on something it would have to be watching Hulu.

Go To Foods in the Kitchen


I’ve got some really good habits of go-to foods that I want to always have in the kitchen. It all started with my buying apples and bananas and eating them in a week.  Now I’ve decided to always have cottage cheese and yogurt always available.  I’ll make and have hard boiled eggs and celery or carrots always available.  In the pantry I’ve stocked it with brown rice noodles, stone ground oatmeal, barley and polenta as well as my other new go-to food, walnuts.  Good job Arin, take some of these go to foods with you to chemotherapy.

Mastery Monday


How am I healthier?  I am eating less sugar and carbohydrates. I am eating more fish, apples, and bananas as well as other vegetables. I am eating more good fat in nuts and seeds. I am eating whole foods and not processed foods.  I am budgeting to save money. My room is more comfortable for me. I am taking my first art class to learn watercolor painting. I talk to my mother more and increased my minutes for this. I keep a food journal of everything I eat. I am a more whole person.