and we’re off…


This year will go by even faster than last year so I am very upset but have I broken my resolutions already? No. Last night I went out for a special dinner at Takara the sushi boat restaurant on College Ave.; it was delicious. The sushi chef made a special roll with tobeko inside of it for the holiday.  I will need to talk to myself because meals like that will be for special occasions and celebrating achievements. A soup and salad at Au Coquelet will be the norm instead. I am so upset and so is my mother.  They were looking forward to my getting married even more than I was.  All that made them happy was having children and it turns out to be what other cultures in Berkeley hate more than life itself; children.  No wonder they kill them or limit the number they are allowed to have, I am not surprised anymore. It is hard for me to remember that all that Darlene wants is to give me everything but I wish I could guess what she was doing like I could when she was at work. Today is the big calendar sale at Pegasus and I’m going to make it to that and the Safeway for money. Maybe I’ll also take the 18 up to Monclair but it is 11:30 already so I guess it will be late once I get started.


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