In creating my resolutions I kept focusing on what I wasn’t going to do and in the end I came up with three things I was going to do but now it’s time to refocus my priorities on what I am doing.  I haven’t joined the gym yet and I don’t think I should leave doing so until next week when I will be getting chemotherapy but now I’ve gotten a cold with a really bad runny nose.  I will fill in my budget today for January and write out a simple will for the things that I own and my bank account.  I’ve also decided to close the extra account I have and to write a letter to Target Visa regarding an increase in my credit limit.  I cannot believe that the person that answers the phone just keeps lying about it but that is the way it is. I can only hope that a request in writing may be respected. I probably won’t go to Monterrey Market until tomorrow, today is Tuesday. I’m ready to take art lessons and acupuncture treatments so I have to consider at least the latter today. All that will keep me busy but yesterday Bill and I went to Ikea and I got all the shelves on my list to put up in my room. Robert will help me with that.


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