I’m already feeling the benefits of my new walking plan, everyday for 30 minutes until it is a habit.  My blood pressure is lower and my bowel movements are more normal and it is not too hard to do.  After my first month and it has become a habit, I may be able to add going to a gym.  The thing is that if all I do is walk my body will get stuck in a rut and everybody is saying how important it is to add resistance training as well as yoga. Yoga doesn’t count. I’m proud of myself.  Yesterday I hopped on the #25 and rode to MLK Jr. Middle School to use the track. Everyone was walking instead of running. Just changing one habit at a time is so important for success but I have also been thinking about what I am eating too and I have picked my regular breakfast…oatmeal. I love it and I can add different things to it each time I eat it.  I also really love going out for egg breakfasts but not cooking them in the microwave. Again, I’m proud of myself.  If I eat breakfast late then I’ll just eat the rest of my meals when I need to and my regular lunch is going to be pasta with loads of vegetables.  I’m going to try the whole grain from Safeway and again I can buy fancy vegetable  sandwiches when I go out to eat.  One new habit and two hard decisions. Yeah, I’m still acting positive.


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