One Day


One day I am going to wake up and not want to lose weight anymore and then I have a choice.  I can decide to stop for a while and reset my set point or I can decide to do something differently. I think I will keep my New Year resolutions the whole year because that is what I have done the past years but I can decide to do something differently like maybe then I should join the gym to go do that once or twice a week. I can decide to be all vegetarian but I probably won’t do that because of my chemotherapy.  Today I sent an email to the literacy coordinator.  I would love to have a job but I don’t think I’ll get one or keep it so volunteering can bring me a lot of joy in my life and once I am qualified to do it I can keep at it long into my senior years like Marion did at the Oakland Museum.  That’s what I did today. Yesterday I found out about a living with cancer support group and that’s why I was looking around for therapy so I’ll just go to the support group.  Yeah.


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