I Could Make Pho at Home


But I won’t be going out for it. Tonight I went to Anh Hong next door to the hotel because it is not possible to get organic pho and the meat was too sweet and the soup was too sweet.  But I should not make a deal about going out for too much sushi, if I can afford it then I can go out for it. Sushi is the only Asian food I’m going to be eating out unless I go to the organic Indian restaurant on Solano or Thai Delight. I probably won’t do either of those things because I love the sushi restaurant on College so much more, the sushi boat.  I also had to throw my hot sauce from Santa Rosa out because sugar is the second ingredient and in Tapotia hot sauce sugar isn’t in the top five ingredients. That was quite a lesson, I didn’t even think there was sugar in it at all.  So I have learned something. It is so cold outside that I would have either stayed in and had mac and tuna or I would have had a buffalo burger at Au Coquelet. I probably won’t eat sushi very often anyway. It was a good lesson and so soon in the new year.


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