Zero Waste


When I moved into a hotel room I tried recycling for a while.  I carried everything that I recycled out into the streets and put it into another business’ recycling can.  Then I got so angry at the City and joined in with everyone else in Berkeley who stopped recycling and recently the residents have been putting garbage in the cans.  Well it is time to try to be responsible for myself again and recycle. I do everything else to be green. I don’t drive but use public transportation.  I buy local, sustainable, and in bulk as well as organic.  I eat vegetarian Monday through Friday and only poultry and fish on the weekend. I use my own shopping bags and I shop for reused clothing at the Goodwill store and other places. I buy only what I need and carry something out before I buy something new. I’ll carry my recycling across the street and put it in the fire department’s recycling can.


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