Valentine’s Week is Over


Today is Monday the best day to respect the beginning of a new week.  Last week, the week of Valentines Day was dreadful. I ate meat during the week, I didn’t lose weight, I felt terrible because I was alone, I did my taxes and felt terrible again because I’m single. It was awful.  The thing about counting calories is that it doesn’t work any better for weight loss than just eating mindfully and everyone says it is more important to eat mindfully.  I think that I could watch calories for a week but not longer.  There isn’t anything real that I can do if I am not losing weight because I am keeping my journal.  I wish I could have a better morning routine and I wish that I could eat more vegetables. I did something important and ordered a fitbit from REI. I am a lucky girl. Instead of walking half an hour everyday, I will start small and see how many more steps I can walk everyday.  Eat mindfully and walk some steps. Eat more vegetables.  These are important desires to accomplish.  I did eat at organic restaurants four times but I also ordered out for terrible Chinese food and then ate it. I know one thing for sure I think life is going worse than it is because of the feeling of chemotherapy in my brain, but it isn’t. Life is not going that badly.  Respect that it is Monday, pick yourself up and start all over again.


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