Weight Watchers


Last week I awoke and decided I needed more support because I may not lose weight but it is always on my mind and the only reason I cannot do it is the breast cancer treatment.  So I joined weight watchers.  Their support makes me happy even if I don’t lose weight and it costs only 50.00 dollars a month, not to bad.  They have a new program called Pointsplus and you can eat all the fruit you want and most vegetables for free, no points. That is very healthy.  Plus I get to listen to a leader that has been there and that is really good leadership.


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    • Thank you for introducing me to your blog. I too am inspired to do yoga at a donation yoga place in my neighborhood but I haven’t made it a routine of my life yet. I have tried a fruit and vegetable fast and really enjoyed it because it reset my metabolism. Now I’m vegan and I don’t feel the need to fast as often.

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