Monthly Archives: March 2012

Weight Loss


I heard an explanation for why I’m not going to lose weight while getting chemotherapy. If the body is full of a toxin it cannot get rid of it won’t get rid of its fat. I think that’s how it’s going to turn out but I love the emotional support and daily encouragement to eat healthier foods. I’ll just keep averaging my weight over four weeks to see how much I basically weigh since every weigh in is so wildly different. It’s probably still sane to watch the scale and both the hospital and weight watchers do it. I cannot avoid it anyway. I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired. If the test for the existence of cancer was approved I wonder what my doctor would do. Would I be cancer free? He just says its impossible now. How long will it be?


Shopping at the Department Store


Today I am going over to Goodwill to purchase some ways to stay warm. I have gotten in the habit of wearing short sleeve shirts all the time even if I am cold so that the hospital can do what they need to do. But they have blankets there. So I’m going to get used to layering up and taking my layers off. Then I guess I’ll keep reading Awaken the Giant Within.

New Habit


On the road to making weight watchers a new habit of course I thought I’d do the least amount of work and watch the weight melt off of me.  But I learned that I’m going to have to consider my weight loss one month at a time because of the chemotherapy.  This month I’m going to accept that I may not lose weight at all because of my life style and focus on learning to cook new recipes.  In one month even if I have not lost any weight I want to know how to use fruits and vegetables in new ways everyday.  

Chemotherapy Day


I have thought for hours about how to spend my chemotherapy days and a new one has started. On those days I will try to eat normally for me and then just journal the food and enter the points plus and try to make it simple. Today I ate two sandwiches when one and juice would have been a little better but I ate a cup of celery sticks and baby carrots too. I enjoyed what I ate and choosing it more than usual. It is the reverse idea of the last day of the month celebration. It is a little more like going out to sushi boat sushi because of the picking but more fun because of the choices.



Women are the “birthers” of the whole baby so it is only natural that they do not consider the little things as important.  I have learned that I must ask myself what can I do as a habit instead of the whole idea but not manageable.  So for example I cannot walk thirty minutes everyday.  That is not manageable.  But is walking ten minutes everyday or more a possible new habit. I hope so.  I am learning these things by getting support for myself.