Monthly Archives: June 2012

New years resolution


I realized something today that does open my eyes to how I’ve been thinking wrong. If I eat where the meat comes from a regular grocery store I might as well be eating at McDonald’s and of course I’m paying too much money to eat the same as at the local McDonald’s. When I look at a restaurant , I’ve got to ask myself if I don’t mind the similarity instead of all the differences. That will help me think right about where my food comes from in the world. What will I choose to do? Maybe I won’t choose to eat out as much since the trader joes has such good options. I’ll have to see.


What’s happening


Weight watchers is working and I’ve lost 25 pounds and almost weigh 200 pounds. But, I miss Darlene so much that I feel sick. I want to keep doing stuff that I would do if Darlene was in my life so that I don’t lose myself being stupid. I’m angry because I’m certain Candace knows what happened and just won’t tell anybody. Oh that is so sick.