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I’m going to get this meat thing right because I love fish so it should be easy. The problem is I keep eating meat that wasn’t humanely raised and killed and that’s just not right. A little more work and I’ll get ordering fish to be a natural habit.


New Year Resolutions


Okay, it’s been 6 months now and I have a smart way to change my new years resolution. It had to do with eating out so that I would eat the right foods and the problem is that when you eat at a restaurant you get much more fat and salt in your food.  For the next 6 months I’m going to eat at home if I have a meal there and eat soups and salads out at restaurants, eat anything at Au Coquelet and Saul’s.  This should be the healthiest that I can eat out at the local restaurants.

Not Yet


Applying all that I have learned in every situation of my life is the third floor of my structure. The basement was falling in love with a new way of living…learning how to choose what to eat and reading all of the books that I needed to for these decisions, the first floor is doing the work to learn how to put these changes into practice…to eliminate all the process foods from my diet, to add exercise whenever I am well enough, to learn how to shop so that less and less is wasted and thrown out, to practice mindfulness as a daily or hourly habit.  The second floor is forgiveness and healing of all the past ways and all the future yet to come and living in the now…constantly putting one step in front of the other without sliding backwards. It is not until I have passed through the second floor that I can think that I am putting it all together on the third floor. So just like with my love for Darlene, I am still on the first floor of making these giant changes to my life.  Maybe it will take a whole second year to climb up to another floor.  Do I need to lose all the weight I have in excess? I don’t know but I think so.  The second floor may be a long way in the future because I still need to lose 75 pounds.  That is an enormous amount of weight.  I must go now and practice mindfulness with some meditation.

A Decade of Yoga


Yesterday I went to yoga for the first  time and I decided I was going to give  it a try for a decade. Now, I am going to try to put all that I have learned together, the food choices, the weight watchers, the yoga, the walking, the mindfulness, the summer reading and the court projects plus make time for my journal so that I can see if I can overcome my food-mood problems.  What is going to work the best?  It is not enough to focus on any one of these habits alone, they must all be rolled into my life like my budgeting works with all of my purchases or it doesn’t work.



Nothing has changed since I realized that eating at some restaurants was no different from eating at McDonald’s.  It was a big realization with little consequence to my health because meat is meat wherever you eat it. I have been eating more fruit but not really more vegetables.  I don’t know what I’ve got to do to improve that. One thing I’ve decided is not to worry about buying stuff and then tossing it because the idea is to eat what is fresh and new.  Also, it is true you buy shoes from a shoes store and books from a bookstore so you’ve got to go to the vegetable market to get fresh varietal veggies.

So Far


I’ve made a discovery that helps me choose restaurants. If the meat isn’t locally raised and humanely it might as well be McDonald’s beef. Since that no longer has pink slime its better but still not right for my diet. Also I am going to buy delicious frozen meals and stay in and enjoy the microwave for less cost, salt and fat.