Monthly Archives: August 2012

At Home


I’ve done a whole bunch of redecorating by buying some plastic containers for shoes, cat food, cleaning supplies and art supplies. Then I moved things around so that I have like supplies together and things that I use everyday right out on my counter.
Then I redesigned my new years resolution. I wasn’t eating healthy food when I ate out and I also decided I wanted to save more money. Eating out means the food is salty and fatty. Now I am not going to eat out. No more eating at restaurants and shopping at Trader Joes or Safeway instead. Will I be healthier? Will I save money? I hope so.




One thing I keep asking myself is how long I will try in small claims court if the judge is prejudiced. It doesn’t matter. I think I should reward myself just for trying



Today I sat down and planned my project to lose nine pounds. It may take until October 6, 2012 and I know if I follow my plan that I can do it. Each day I will try to think of one thing I did that will get me to my goal. Besides planning I also ate at Starbucks instead of going to a restaurant because I already ate at a restaurant on Thursday . I went to the Ethiopian buffet. I’ll eat out again tomorrow , Sunday . Now I can start to plan where I’ll go. Maybe Saul’s for potato latkes and a salad.



Yesterday I went to an Ethiopian vegetarian buffet that I have been wanting to try for years. It was great. Ethiopian food is very flavorful and nothing at all like Indian food. There were many different dishes to try, I had six and there were a couple more plus a grain that was fantastic and tasted like a blend of rice and barley and there was an Ethiopian bread. I cannot wait to go back and eat there again.

One thing differently


Today I did one thing differently that I can keep doing all year… I took my own lunch with me and it did not contain any processed foods. I took brown rice sushi from trader joes, roast beef slices from trader joes, sunflower seeds from trader joes and a banana from Monterrey market. I did choose a piece of chocolate cake from the cafeteria after chemotherapy and that was made with processed foods: white flour and sugar. That was not a good choice but they do not offer any whole grain pastries . Maybe I can only make better habits not better choices. I don’t know.