It’s Been A While


I’m surprised I’ve blogged as much as I have but I don’t think that I have always gotten the idea that blogging can be saving more than a journal or diary page; it can be sharing my thoughts with loads of strangers too.  What have I been doing?  I can make Weight Watchers work for me but because I have found that being vegan has made me fall in love with eating and food.  I transitioned into being vegan first reading a few books, the Kind Diet, Vegan Main Street, and then going vegan at home but not out at restaurants. I got up to 75 % vegan for the months of October, November and December of 2012 and then January 1, 2013 I became a vegan.  Now I have favorite restaurants in town to eat vegan meals both vegan restaurants and non vegan restaurants, like Mexican restaurants with amazing burritos. I have fallen in love with using the Berkeley Public Library, too, and when I find a book I want to read anywhere I go online and order the book through the website to be held for me to pick up.  I save money, don’t buy unnecessary  books, and they’re available whenever I want them.  I have realized that if I cannot be around people who share a common care in the world, I should try to be around people who care about something and to this end I am going to try to find a good fit for volunteering for an organization.  First I must find organizations with a volunteer coordinator because most nonprofits are filled with paid positions now.  Then I must find the right interest and activity that will keep my interest for a while.  I have also learned that a goal is only as good as long as it is in mind.  One cannot have a goal and hope to realize it every once in a while.  That has been a big change in how I organize what I am doing, reading, and thinking about.   I am centered around a dream and a life goal with expectations, disappointments, images, and feelings.  And I think I am going to realize it.


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