Monthly Archives: April 2013



I want to start blogging more often and more planned topics as a project.  I’ve set up a section of my filofax with topics to blog about to make it easier.  This weekend I planned to go to the Mexican Sunday Brunch up in Montclair and I didn’t care if I stayed vegan all that mattered was if I tracked everything. And, I did. But I learned something else. If I go to a restaurant that doesn’t have vegetarian on the menu then I will eat meat.  So I decided to add a new rule to my first one.  Rule number one, no delivery because it is too much food for one person.  Rule number two, eat at restaurants that have vegetarian food on the menu, because those will be cooked vegetarian.  Finally, rule number three, buy whatever you crave at the grocery store because it will be cheaper and you can control the portion size that you eat.  These are fantastic rules to make me healthier.  I’m sure I’m losing a little weight just because I’m not eating at restaurants as much and I’m not ordering delivery.  I was doing that about once or twice a month.

I love how set up my room is now.  I have everything looking really organized and I have all the really nice things that I need: a blender, a food processor, a filofax, a mac computer.  These were really smart purchases that I was afraid to make before I started to be vegan. My life is much better now than it was before.