I want to start blogging more often and more planned topics as a project.  I’ve set up a section of my filofax with topics to blog about to make it easier.  This weekend I planned to go to the Mexican Sunday Brunch up in Montclair and I didn’t care if I stayed vegan all that mattered was if I tracked everything. And, I did. But I learned something else. If I go to a restaurant that doesn’t have vegetarian on the menu then I will eat meat.  So I decided to add a new rule to my first one.  Rule number one, no delivery because it is too much food for one person.  Rule number two, eat at restaurants that have vegetarian food on the menu, because those will be cooked vegetarian.  Finally, rule number three, buy whatever you crave at the grocery store because it will be cheaper and you can control the portion size that you eat.  These are fantastic rules to make me healthier.  I’m sure I’m losing a little weight just because I’m not eating at restaurants as much and I’m not ordering delivery.  I was doing that about once or twice a month.

I love how set up my room is now.  I have everything looking really organized and I have all the really nice things that I need: a blender, a food processor, a filofax, a mac computer.  These were really smart purchases that I was afraid to make before I started to be vegan. My life is much better now than it was before.


Eye on the Prize


It works to have a goal that you keep in mind while you are making your decisions.  This week it is 200.8 and there are two rules that I have made.  No delivery allowed and no high fat content meals, only low-fat choices.  This second one is going to be bothersome because I like my high fat choices, mostly Chinese foods all cooked in copious amounts of oil.  I can do it though. Oils are considered the number one health risk because they are so bad for the body compared to any other food type.

It’s Been A While


I’m surprised I’ve blogged as much as I have but I don’t think that I have always gotten the idea that blogging can be saving more than a journal or diary page; it can be sharing my thoughts with loads of strangers too.  What have I been doing?  I can make Weight Watchers work for me but because I have found that being vegan has made me fall in love with eating and food.  I transitioned into being vegan first reading a few books, the Kind Diet, Vegan Main Street, and then going vegan at home but not out at restaurants. I got up to 75 % vegan for the months of October, November and December of 2012 and then January 1, 2013 I became a vegan.  Now I have favorite restaurants in town to eat vegan meals both vegan restaurants and non vegan restaurants, like Mexican restaurants with amazing burritos. I have fallen in love with using the Berkeley Public Library, too, and when I find a book I want to read anywhere I go online and order the book through the website to be held for me to pick up.  I save money, don’t buy unnecessary  books, and they’re available whenever I want them.  I have realized that if I cannot be around people who share a common care in the world, I should try to be around people who care about something and to this end I am going to try to find a good fit for volunteering for an organization.  First I must find organizations with a volunteer coordinator because most nonprofits are filled with paid positions now.  Then I must find the right interest and activity that will keep my interest for a while.  I have also learned that a goal is only as good as long as it is in mind.  One cannot have a goal and hope to realize it every once in a while.  That has been a big change in how I organize what I am doing, reading, and thinking about.   I am centered around a dream and a life goal with expectations, disappointments, images, and feelings.  And I think I am going to realize it.

At Home


I’ve done a whole bunch of redecorating by buying some plastic containers for shoes, cat food, cleaning supplies and art supplies. Then I moved things around so that I have like supplies together and things that I use everyday right out on my counter.
Then I redesigned my new years resolution. I wasn’t eating healthy food when I ate out and I also decided I wanted to save more money. Eating out means the food is salty and fatty. Now I am not going to eat out. No more eating at restaurants and shopping at Trader Joes or Safeway instead. Will I be healthier? Will I save money? I hope so.



Today I sat down and planned my project to lose nine pounds. It may take until October 6, 2012 and I know if I follow my plan that I can do it. Each day I will try to think of one thing I did that will get me to my goal. Besides planning I also ate at Starbucks instead of going to a restaurant because I already ate at a restaurant on Thursday . I went to the Ethiopian buffet. I’ll eat out again tomorrow , Sunday . Now I can start to plan where I’ll go. Maybe Saul’s for potato latkes and a salad.



Yesterday I went to an Ethiopian vegetarian buffet that I have been wanting to try for years. It was great. Ethiopian food is very flavorful and nothing at all like Indian food. There were many different dishes to try, I had six and there were a couple more plus a grain that was fantastic and tasted like a blend of rice and barley and there was an Ethiopian bread. I cannot wait to go back and eat there again.